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Hi Parents/Guardians/Athletes, I am now  posting all relevant information regarding the Juvenile section on our underage Facebook page which is a closed group. Lot’s to see on this page results, photo’s ,reports and events. If you are a registered member of the Club you can click on page and request to join. Hope you all enjoy the School Holidays but we are still training the older age groups U/12-U/19 as some of the Athletes have qualified for All Irelands and will be  competing in the next few weeks. Info Noel 0876624857


Newbridge AC 5k & 10k Road Race – Race Report

Sunday June 12th was a momentous day for Newbridge AC when we held, for the first time our own open AAI permitted 5k and 10k road race. Despite some very big events taking place the same weekend we were lucky enough to attract a large crowd at all levels with a very strong field at the sharp end!

Despite an inauspicious start to the day on the weather front and a bad forecast, the skies cleared before the races began and it became warm and pleasant (for onlookers!) for the remainder of the day. We were lucky enough to have the race documented in pictures by many talented photographers and I think you will agree that Newbridge and the Curragh have never looked better! Thanks to Popupraces, Vincent McCormack, Cohlin Donovan and Tom & Moira Cash for the photographs.

The 10K was won in super style by Paul Stevenson of Rathfarnham AC in a fantastic time of 32:12, closely followed by his team-mate Barry Minnock in 33:00.  The first woman home was Sonya McConnan followed by Hannah Fothergill and our own Michelle Cox in third.

The 5K was won in 16.16 by Conor Healy. followed by Newbridge AC men Paul Campell and Paul Archbold. The 5K was a clean sweep for the Newbridge women with Emma Boland taking first followed by Kate Burke and Mary Reilly.

Full results are below. If you have any queries about these or wish to collect a prize contact

Mens 10k

(1) Paul Stevenson (2) Barry Minnock (3)Stephen Conroy

(M40) Cyril Cuddy  (M45) Mark Stopes  (M50) Pat Malone

Womens 10k

(1) Sonya McConnan (2) Hannah Fothergill (3) Michelle Cox

(F40) Ann Marie Kenny  (F45) Aisling Hegarty  (F50) Mary Walker

1st Newbridge Man – Brian Byrne            1st Newbridge Woman – Maria Snell

Mens 5k

(1) Conor Healy (2) Paul Campbell (3) Paul Archbold

(M40) Dave Keenan  (M45) Martin Dowling  (M50) Gerry Loftus

Womens 5k

(1) Emma Boland (2) Kate Burke (3) Mary Reilly

(F40) Siobhan Kelly (F45) Ann Ryan  (F50) Josephine Killeen

First Fit For Life member – Jonathan McGivern


Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the days and in the days, weeks and months leading up to the race. Thanks to our generous sponsors, to the Gardai, Order of Malta and to everyone who took part.




























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Training Cancelled Tuesday 31st



Athletes due to the Club competing in the part 3 of the League in Leixlip on Tuesday 31st we will not be training at Newbridge Track.


Also if you wish to Compete in Leinster Championships U/14-U/19 on 18th-19th June the closing date for entries is the 6th of June, and no entries will be entertained after said date, The boys + girls who qualified for inter County Relays which will be held on the 18th of June should inform their coach by this w/end if the are available to run



Athletes Please Note THE CLOSING DATES FOR THE ABOVE CHAMPIONSHIPS IS FAST APPROACHING. Please check on  and click on programs, if you wish to compete in any of the various age groups and note CLOSING DATES. you can also see programs in Club House, (U/23/Senior + Masters) Close 31st May, (U/9- U/15 Team Event ) Close 27thMay, (U/9,U10,U11Pairs& U12-13 Championship) Close 1st June, (U/14-U/19 Championships ) Close 8th June. Your Coach will need to know in plenty of time if your are competing as all entries are done on line and no entries will be entertained on Closing Day. Info 0876624857. 


The events for the above Championships are on the under age F/Book page, the field events are limited to three athletes in each age group and have to be entered a week before the meet takes place. if you wish to compete in field event please give your name to your coach in plenty of time, the above rule does not apply to track events. PLEASE NOTE ATHLETES WHO DO NOT COMPETE IN ANY EVENT IN COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL NOT BE ENTERED TO LEINSTER CHAMPIONSHIPS.

County Senior Road Championships April 4th 2016 – Leixlip

12941224_1593284764322411_551663465_o12922401_1593284827655738_544506045_oOur men’s team represented the club well at Senior level today taking third place on a blustery April morning. First home for Newbridge was Eoin Brett followed by Justin Delmer, David Browne, Pedro Lopez, Vincent McCormack and Larry McCormack. Well done to all who competed!



Thanks to John Morrissey for the photos!