Updated 9th January 2018

Age categories are calculated from 31st December in the year of competition.

No athlete may obtain a birthday in the year of competition and compete in that age i.e. if you turn 10 this year, then you cannot compete in Under 10 competition – you must compete in Under 11.

Child Protection Officers:
Pat Kyne (087 8255604) and Niamh Dempsey (087 9969978)

Please Note: 
There is subs charge of 2 euro for an individual athlete and 3 euro for 2 or more family members. This is a once a week charge so if your athlete attends all training sessions in a week they only pay once.

Note: AAI insurance covers an athlete during a training session if i) Their membership is up to date ii) They are training at club specified locations at the specific training times.

Ad hoc training sessions are not covered by AAI insurance unless logged in advance with the club.