Training Times for Seniors are as follows:

Monday & Thursday : 6.30pm from the athletics track for the winter months – please bring a hi-vis jacket as you will be running on public roads!

Monday & Thursday training begins as a group run with everyone starting together and breaking up as the run progresses according to pace and aim of the run. Don’t be afraid to join in…if it’s your first night someone will usually be happy to run your pace to show you the ropes.

Wednesday : 6.30pm – Speedwork at the track (try to be there before 6:30 to be warmed up)

Speedwork at the track allows all levels to train together and promotes communication and healthy competition (especially with yourself!) If you are thinking about joining the club we recommend you come along to this session first to meet other members and find out where you are in terms of fitness.

At present we work in a cycle of three weeks

Week 1 : 10 x 90 second repeats

Week 2 : 6 x 180 second repeats

Week 3 : Pyramid Session (800m/600m/400m/300m/200m/200m/300m/400m/600m/800m)

Sunday: 9am on the Curragh Plains

Sunday morning is long run day. Groups meet at a prearranged spot and are ready to run for 9am. All groups leave together but separate thereafter depending on distance and pace. Distance varies from 4 miles to 24 miles (>12 miles usually only happen during marathon training but groups usually start earlier for this and loop back to the start point for 9am)

Note: AAI insurance covers an athlete during a training session if i) Their membership is up to date ii) They are training at club specified locations at the specific training times.

Ad hoc training sessions are not covered by AAI insurance unless logged in advance with the club.

New members from beginners to individuals looking to join a group, are always welcome to join at any time, and would suggest for first session to attend on Wednesday @ Track if possible.

Annual Senior membership is €60 which includes registration fee for AAI. €2 is also payable to attend session on Track.
There are no walking groups organised.

Any queries, please Contact Us